Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My collection and admiration of the postcards created by Catharina Klein continues to grow. During her long standing relationship with the Meissner & Buch Publishing House in Leipzig, Klein regularly submitted cards in sets, mostly with four works comprising the series number. She cleverly used her graphic ability to group similar items. The following examples demonstrate the depth of her creativity, style, and technical prowess. The lowest series number I have discovered in 1047 with the approximate date of 1902 and highest number 2784 dating from the mid-1920's.

Catharina Klein was not the only artist employed by Meissner & Buch. There were many others but she was, by far, the most prolific.

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  1. Hello Joe,

    How nice of you to create a blog on Catharina Klein. As a amateur artist I greatly admire her work . I was so sad to read about her grave and what they did with her remains, truly sad.

    I am looking forward to more of your posts.

    Annemarie from Australia